Turning It Around…

I haven’t ridden much.  I’ve gained weight.  I’ve been busy.

I’m going to hop on my bike tomorrow morning and ride to work.  I’m going to quit drinking Coke (again).  I’m going to eat out less. I have Nermal’s rear wheel fixed, and will re-install it tomorrow.

I’m spending some time with Kristy on Friday and Saturday.  I’ll also be school shopping for my daughter.  I’m hoping to get a good ride in on Sunday.

I’ve had some depression issues recently.  I’m not sure how much of it is due to work, and how much is due to not riding my bike and gaining weight.  The solution is to ride my bike… which is harder when I’m depressed.  I’ve got to break out of the cycle.

6 thoughts on “Turning It Around…”

  1. keep it up bro, your so close to your goal. Because of your blog, I started commuting to school and work and so far I lost 20 lbs. My goal is lose 60 lbs. You have journeyed a long way to go back to your old habits, shake it off and continue. We all believe in you.

  2. been there before Dave. got no solution other than to get up, do something positive for yourself, and relish every moment. ride the bike. have fun. eat to live, not live to eat. organize a RCCS ride, whatev it is. you’re in a pattern- a pattern some of us have been in- and you must break the routine to break the pattern.

    you’ve come a long way. get miles. feel the wind. feel the sunshine. suffer!!

  3. Hey Dave — It looks like you inspired Leonardo above, that’s great! I hope you are feeling good and are getting back on track. Take small steps, and each small step will make you feel better and better.
    I’m down 28 lbs now, I am losing an average of 1 lb. per week, which is perfect. I’m eating delicious food, and not really denying myself anything except second helpings. With me, it’s all about portion control.
    Enjoy your biking — the snow will be flying soon enough!

  4. G’day mate,

    I accidentally came across the news report of you cycling to work and decided to check out your blog. Very inspirational stuff!

    Sad to hear that you’re finding it a bit tough, but get back on that bike! You’re doing so well so just keep it up! Nov 09 will be the 2 year anniversary of your blog – I know you know that, but hit it hard and hit it happy!

    G’luck mate.

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