Recumbent Bike *NOT* For Sale


I’ve decided not to sell it. Kristy was shocked when I told her, then I noticed a broken spoke on Nermal.  I’m going to re-think the whole one-bike idea.

This will shock many of you who know me, but I’m selling Oria, my Bacchetta Agio recumbent bike.  I’ve decided that I really only need one bike, and Nermal, my upright bike, is more versatile.

What makes this bike great?

  • Extremely comfortable – no sore butt, back, or wrists
  • Easy to learn to ride compared to many other recumbents
  • Disc brakes work well, even in the rain
  • Fairly lightweight – 32 lbs stock (a bit more as configured now)

This bike was bought new from Schellers in Clarksville in July 2008, and has approximately 2600 miles on it.  It has been well taken care of, and has a number of upgrades.

  • Schwalbe Marathon tires
  • Fenders
  • Rear rack
  • Cateye Velo 8 computer
  • Topeak Road Morph pump
  • Two seat-mounted water bottle cages
  • Choice of original flat pedals, BMX style pedals, or dual-sided SPD clipless pedals

This bike would be great for touring, commuting, or just riding for fun.  I’m asking $1200.  Contact me with questions, or for a test ride.  I only deal locally.  Cash only.


Why am I selling?

There are a number of reasons I’m selling this bike.  I have re-prioritized my life, and although I plan to ride as much as possible, I really only need one bike.  I also need the money.

I rode the Tour de Cure back in May on this bike.  It was a hillier ride than I expected, and I’ve struggled with hills on this bike ever since.  I think it’s mostly psychological, but my attempts at overcoming this have failed.  The last long ride I took on the bike was initially planned to be 120 miles, but I wimped out at about 90 miles.

I also test rode a Surly LHT during my West Virginia trip.  I’m sold.  I want one.  Selling this bike will not allow me to buy the LHT, as I have other needs for the money.  I can, however, plan on replacing Nermal in the future with one bike that can do it all.  The LHT is that bike.

3 thoughts on “Recumbent Bike *NOT* For Sale”

  1. My only comment is that one doesn’t “wimp out” doing 90m of a 120m ride. 90m is a long damn ride.

    As for bikes, well, you know how bike taste is. You gotta do what’s best for your riding style and pleasure. As for number of bikes, while my situation is obsessive, I do think that having 2+ is beneficial in the long run: mechanicals, different muscles, different ride types, etc. I think the prob is that both Oria and Nermal are similar, slightly heavy workhorses. Maybe you need 1 workhorse, but another providing a different ride.

    ‘course, what the heck do I know. Just stay out of the flooding!

  2. I don’t know if you read this before or after I changed my mind, but I’m not selling the bike now. Yes, I can be indecisive… I think… maybe.

    Funny, the LHT I want is a “heavy workhorse” too.

    As far as “wimping out”, I really thought I could handle the 120 miles. I have enough miles now. I think the fact I hadn’t been riding the recumbent much had a lot to do with it.

  3. The LHT is a great bike! But do be award that there is no “one” bike. As much as I love my recumbent, it too sucks at hills. But for a long ride, its a nice ride.

    I think I’ll stick with my Hybrid for in town and my recumbent for long charity rides….til I find something better.


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