I’m still alive.  I took a break from posting.  Actually I took a break from quite a few things.  I haven’t stepped on a scale in a week.  I haven’t tracked my calories in almost two weeks.  I’ve been drinking beer again.

I took two vacation days from work, and had a four-day weekend and went to Parkersburg, West Virginia with Kristy and Dawn.  It had been 32 years since I was last in West Virginia, so I had little memory of it.

Parkersburg is an interesting town.  It has it’s issues, but I found one charming aspect.  People ride bikes there.  There are kids on BMX bikes all over town.  Adults were riding mountain bikes (most with disc brakes).  Nobody wore a helmet.  It was like the 80s all over again.  🙂

Kristy didn’t have a bike, so we brought both of mine with, plus Dawn’s.  We hauled three bikes there, and four back.  Kristy doesn’t like riding either of my bikes, so we bought one for her.  Her new bike is a Cannondale Adventure 5.  I also test rode a Surly LHT, and it even fit.  I don’t have the budget for that bike.  It’s been on my wish list for some time, and the reservations I’ve had about getting one are now settled.  I want it.  I just can’t have it now.

I didn’t get to ride nearly enough while I was there.  I did ride between the hotel room and her family’s house (about 2.5 miles) several times.  The three of us also went on a short ride around town.

I had to go back to work on Monday, and wasn’t able to ride because I didn’t get much sleep, and had to pick up my dogs from the vet where they were boarded.  I felt a strong need to ride.  My mental health was requiring it.

So, on Tuesday, I rode to work.  There was a chance of rain, but it only rained while I was at work.  The ride home was lovely also.

Today, Wednesday, was the opposite.  I got drenched in the morning, and in the afternoon, but it didn’t rain while I was at work.

I enjoyed riding in the rain.  Only the first few minutes of getting wet is uncomfortable.  Once you get totally wet, it doesn’t really matter anymore.  I’m riding again tomorrow, no matter what the weather.  I probably won’t ride on Friday, as Kristy will be here.

Back to my weight… I’m sure I’ve gained.  I don’t know how much.  I’m actually pretty happy with the way I feel this week.  I feel like I’ve developed the right mindset to ride much more often.  If I can keep riding, I will lose the weight.  Yes, I should get back on the scale.  Yes, I should eat better.  Yes I need to lay off the beer.

Maybe tomorrow.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy”

  1. Hey you! Glad you guys had a good trip. You should probably get a few lean days in before you get on that scale — lol. I was going to grill some turkey burgers tonight but it is pouring rain. Guess I’ll pull out the trusty George Foreman.

    I’m down 27 lbs now, and should really start doing some other exercise besides my walking. It’s way too dangerous to ride my bike anywhere around here, people drive like maniacs on a good day. I hope you enjoy your biking!

  2. Hey!! I sooooo stoked to see your progress.. do you even remember 291?

    Awesome to read about you biking in the rain.. it’s just the shock of going from dry to wet that sucks… just like jumping into a pool.. or any other transition.. we humans don’t seem to like transitions… lol.. I guess Newton had it right.. all that about inertia..

    Well done!!



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