Sick Day

I had my bike packed last night for a ride into work today.  I woke up sick, and stayed home.

I haven’t eaten well today, but I haven’t eaten much either.  That coupled with not riding my bike has me feeling lazy.

On the positive side, I have some better tires ordered for Nermal and I’ve got my new hand-built front wheel to match the one in the rear.  I should be able to put it all together this weekend.

I’m also going on an early morning ride with Tim on Saturday, possibly 80 miles.

5 thoughts on “Sick Day”

  1. Didn’t your website look different? Im thinking I am hallucinating, or some spelling of that word.

  2. Yep, I downloaded a new WordPress theme. I have no real design talent, so I just use somebody else’s design.

    I ordered Continental Touring Plus tires for Nermal. I’ve been running cheap(ish) Bontrager tires and had a number of flats. Oria has Schwalbe Marathons, and has been flat-free so far. I really like the Schwalbe tires, but these Contis were cheaper.

    I’m still sick today (blah), but I have to drag myself to work. I won’t be riding though.

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