Busy Weekend

I intended to complete two things on Saturday.  #1 Go for a 35-mile solo ride.  #2 Mow the lawn.

I started out a nice ride, and ran across three young (and friendly) dogs.  I had to stop to avoid hitting them.  They were quite playful, and didn’t want to let me go.  When I finally did get away, I later noticed that one of them had punctured one of my water bottles, and it had drained.  I shortened the ride to 23 miles to avoid dehydration.

I damaged my mower while mowing the lawn, and won’t be finishing that until next weekend.

Sunday was much better.  I met up with Tim for a 61-mile ride leaving from Sellersburg.  We had advertised it as a RCCS ride, but it was last minute and no one else attended.

After the ride, my daughter and I went swimming at Hardy Lake.  It was a nice way to relax after a bike ride.

I set a new record on bike miles for a week.  My previous record was 186.1, my new record is 201.9.  I’m on track to make June 2009 a record month for miles also.  It’ll probably end up around 560 miles.

I’m not doing my normal “weekly average weight post”, but my weight is down a bit.  My weight seems to just be bouncing around at around 200 lbs.  I eat decently and ride quite a bit, but I could stand to improve both.  It may be that I won’t ever reach my 175 lb goal, but I will keep trying.

3 thoughts on “Busy Weekend”

  1. I’m glad the dogs were friendly! Do you carry pepper spray, or something to deter them if they are not friendly? The mail carriers in Chicago have honking big bottles of pepper spray hanging off their belts.

    Sounds like you need a nice, stainless steel water bottle. They are kind of pricy for a water bottle, but they are really nice. And dog proof!

  2. 560 is an outstanding month. Glad I could be of service to help you get to that. And thanks for yesterday. Outside of “the incident”, that was some outstanding riding.

  3. Elizabeth,

    I don’t carry anything for dogs. I can usually just point and yell “NO!”, and they stay back. I’m sure I’ll get bit some day, but I have dogs, and love dogs.

    I had been thinking about a stainless bottle or two, but the plastic ones are so cheap. 🙂


    It was a great ride. As far as the incident, all’s well that ends well.

    I rode the full ride to work today, but I’m planning a partial-ride tomorrow, so my monthly mileage will probably be closer to 540, but that’s okay too.

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