Bike Commute Everyday This Week?

I’m attempting to ride my bike to work everyday this week.

This morning there was light rain on the way in, but I found it pleasant.  I took a slightly longer route that took me along the river in Jeffersonville.

Once I got to work a nasty storm came through, but I was safely inside.

The ride home was warm, humid, and mostly sunny.

I was riding Nermal.  I really enjoy both of my bikes, but Nermal has been ridden less overall.

2 thoughts on “Bike Commute Everyday This Week?”

  1. I won’t get to ride every day this week–at least not to work. I took today off to get some long miles on the Strada (did the club 50 this morning), and will drive tomorrow to haul the bike to the class I’m teaching in the evening.

  2. I understand not being able to ride everyday. Even during weeks that I *could*, I actually haven’t yet.

    The warmer weather seems to be making it easier for me though. I’ve figured out that I prefer steamy hot over brisk.

    Two days down, three to go.

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