Not Enough Riding

I only rode to work one day this week.  33 miles for the week so far.  That’s not good.

My daughter is visiting from Michigan, and I want to spend time with her, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have this weekend to go riding.  I’d love to do a 60+ mile ride on Sunday, but that would mean a day of ignoring my daughter.

I also have housework and yardwork that needs done.

I will be taking both of my bikes to the shop on Saturday morning for some work.  Nermal has a rear wheel issue and needs new cables.  Oria has a minor front derailleur issue, and just needs checked out.

3 thoughts on “Not Enough Riding”

  1. good point on the parenting thing. I’m out of town this weekend. Are you going to be available next weekend? 27th

  2. I might be available that weekend, I don’t know yet.

    In addition the the mixed-terrain ride and the century ride, I’d like to plan a 60-70 mile route starting at a coffee shop along Bardstown, and ride to Charlestown for pizza and beer, then ride back.

    It would be a way to get more people to actually stop and enjoy the pizza, beer, and company more than having it at the end of the ride.

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