70 Miles With the RCCS

Tim put together a great ride for the RCCS.  At 70 miles, it’s my longest ride to date, and I rode Nermal.  I would have normally chosen my ‘bent for a long ride, but I enjoy switching it up sometimes.

There were a total of seven of us that showed up for the ride.  It was a good mix of people, bikes, and fun.

The southern-most part of the ride had a few hills, and one big hill, but it was mostly flat other than that.

Tim posted a good review of the ride, and explained where we went better than I can.  I just followed the group.  We didn’t have cue sheets, and that was fine.  Tim explained in the original announcement that the group was to stay together, and we did.

I felt fine during the ride, but required a two-hour nap after I got home.

7 thoughts on “70 Miles With the RCCS”

  1. Interesting, too, that I had to think for a while to place those first 2 pics. The location seemed out of the ordinary, only to realize that it was Trevilian just a mile from the house. Shows what perspective can do to you.

  2. At least you have the benefit of knowing the route. I know so little about the roads we traveled, I’m unable to find most of our route on the map.

    I guess I need to plan and ride some solo rides in Louisville to get to know the area better.

  3. The snake was wrapped up in brush and the railing to a scenic overlook at the river. We didn’t even see him until several of us had walked right past him.

    He was not aggressive at all. Several of us took pictures. He didn’t move until I touched him, then he just slithered off away from us.

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