Adjusting My Diet

While doing my weight training today, my trainer suggested that I increase my protein intake.  Apparently I’m not building muscle fast enough.

I later thought about my recent struggles with losing additonal weight, and how my diet has changed.

I used to be able to lose weight even when not riding many miles, as long as I was sane with my calorie intake.  Now, I struggle with the weight whether I’m eating a reasonable number of calories or not.

I went months without buying bread.  I didn’t eat sandwiches.  I ate a high-carb breakfast, but low-carb meals for the rest of the day.  I later starting eating more carbs.

If I’m going to take the trainer’s advice and eat more protein, I’ll need to lower my calorie consumption somewhere else, so I’m cutting the lunch and dinner carbs.  It’s still not a strict low-carb diet, as I don’t believe that’s healthy.  I really need carbs in the morning to get me going.

I’ve also been working on weaning myself off of caffeine.  If I cut it cold-turkey, the withdrawal will be miserable, so I’m doing it gradually.  I’m only doing it because there is some evidence that caffeine can worsen arthritis, and I’m really sick of the pain in my shoulder.

As far as bike riding, I rode to work on Monday, and haven’t touched the bike since.  I will be doing some riding tomorrow (a partial commute, and some errands), but none on Saturday.  I am riding a 60-70 mile ride on Sunday with the RCCS.

Having a plan… and idea of what I need to do to lose more weight helps me feel better.  Maybe now I can reach my goal weight of 175 lbs.

One thought on “Adjusting My Diet”

  1. Adding more protein shouldn’t be that hard and lean protein is very filling so you might not notice cutting back on carb and fat calories. Try hard boiled eggs. Two of them only have 140 calories and a ton of protein. A 6 oz cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast has less than 300 calories and 53g of protein! That is a big serving and along with a big salad is a great low carb, low calorie meal.

    Good luck on the coffee issue. I need my two cups in the morning or my day is shot!

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