Kentucky Wander

I had an errand to run in Danville KY today, so I drove there, but brought the bike along.

I managed to squeeze in a 30-mile solo ride, on unfamiliar roads.  Amazingly, I didn’t even make a wrong turn.

The weather was nearly perfect.  Temperatures were in the 80s.  The sky was mostly clear, and there was a nice breeze.  I did get a bit of sunburn, but nothing too bad.

I wanted to cross over Herrington Lake on two different bridges.  Riding along Lexington Road (Hwy 34) was a bit hairy at times, so I cut over to Chenault Bridge Road as soon as I could, and crossed over that older bridge.

After a bit of wandering in low-traffic areas for a while, I found my way to Kennedy Bridge Rd, back across the lake, and into the town of Burgin.

From there, I was in the home stretch to finish the ride.

I didn’t ride enough through the week, so even with today’s ride, I only have 91.8 miles for the week.

4 thoughts on “Kentucky Wander”

  1. Looks like a nice day. I found the terrain in that area to not be too bad, but last summer on my near Danville I just about died from the heat.

    Glad yours turned out better.

  2. It was a wonderful ride. I did get a little more sunburned that I originally thought. I wish I were at the houseboat now, just so I could jump in the water and cool down my skin.

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