Things Along Side the Road, and Giving Blood

I spotted an iPhone laying on the side of the road on my way into work yesterday morning.  I stopped, went back, and grabbed it.  It was undamaged and functional.  I called someone in the contact list who got me in contact with the owner.  He was grateful to get it back.

I took a little bit of an alternate route to work.  I rode a slower pace along the river.  It did add about a mile to my route.  It was a beautiful day.

I also took advantage of the weather during lunch, and two of us went on a lunch ride.

I almost bailed out of riding home, and asked for a ride home.  I was in a fair amount of pain.  I rode home anyway, and I’m glad I did.

I felt strong and fast on the way home, then realized there was a tailwind.

One of the churches along the way was hosting a blood drive.  I hadn’t given since October, so I stopped in.  I’ve rode after donating before, and it’s never been a problem.  It wasn’t a problem this time either.

As my commute home was nearing an end, I spotted something on the side of the road.  It could have been a cell phone in a carrying case.  I turned around.  As I got closer it looked more like pepper spray in a carrying case.  I picked it up, it was a small LED flashlight.

I never really imagined myself picking up and keeping objects on the side of the road, but I can always use another flashlight, and if I didn’t pick it up, it would probably just remain more debris on the side of the road.

4 thoughts on “Things Along Side the Road, and Giving Blood”

  1. Good for you Dave. Many other folks (me maybe?) would have had a new/used iPhone in their possession.

    AS for RCCS rides, I’m looking at a couple weekend dates. Do we want to do the gravel ride or the century first. Give it some thought (me, i’ll take the gravel just for the base miles).

  2. I have a four-D-cell Maglite I found on the side of the road. It was well worth the stop–all it needed was new cells and bulbs (including the spare in the end cap).

  3. “Road kill” comes in all flavors…

    Wonder what story lies behind the iphone?

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