Monthly Update – May 2009


chartmonthly200905My average monthly weight was 203.3 lbs, or a loss of 3.3 lbs from April.  I’ve made up for April’s gain, and then some.  My daily weight has dropped below 200 lbs for three days in a row.


Month Bike Car
01-2009 277.8 678.0
02-2009 263.0 768.0
03-2009 192.4 1,995.0
04-2009 290.9 1,550.0
05-2009 452.0 1,087.0

May mileage is improved.  I’m driving less and riding more.  I wasn’t tracking mileage by month last year, but May 2009 could be the most miles in a month for me.


It turns out I have arthritis in my right shoulder.  I probably injured it years ago, and just don’t remember it.  Most of the medication I have been given for it didn’t do much, and had side effects, so I’m no longer taking medication for it.  I have been doing strength training for my upper body with a personal trainer.  This has been helping my shoulder, and is good for the general fitness also.


Kristy is still too far away.  I’ve been focusing on bikes, cooking, and diet to keep the loneliness away.

I’ve been recruiting some co-workers to go on a bike ride during lunch.  Several people keep a bike at work, and we ride along the riverwalk during lunch.  We ride slow, and it’s not a long ride, but it helps break the day up and clear the mind.

4 thoughts on “Monthly Update – May 2009”

  1. Hello! I think Kristy should do a guest post, don’t you?

    David, have you been cooking any healthy meals lately? We just got a little gas grill, I have never had one before. I love it so far — last night I made grilled tuna steaks, and they were delicious.

  2. I’ll bring up the idea to Kristy. I don’t know where that will go though.

    I cook simple meals. Some are healthy, some are not. I have a gas grill. I’ll usually grill a steak. Sometimes I throw corn on there (after soaking the whole ear in water for a while).

    I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. I also eat frozen dinners when I’m short on time, or just lazy.

  3. Yesterday a woman I work with had leftovers for lunch, stuff that she had grilled the night before. This included a thick slice of grilled pineapple. She said she sprinkles a little brown sugar on the pineapple and puts it on the grill. Boy, did that look good!

  4. Going bike riding would be a treat; however, working in Frankfort prevent me from interacting more power to you David, keep up the active life style your making great strides and new friends, take care I will talk to you soon.

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