Useless Sunday

After yesterday’s blah-a-thon due to pain medication, I figured today would be more productive, but with more pain.  I was half-right.  I am in more pain, but I wasn’t productive.  I did eat better though.

I need to clean my house.  The dog hair has a life of it’s own, and is threatening to take over.  I need to get back on the bike.  I did ride 100 miles for the week, but 120 would have been better.

I did cook dinner today, but other than that I’ve watched some TV shows on iTunes, played with the computer, and talked to Kristy on the phone.

Back when I suffered from more serious depression I often felt like this, but I also felt trapped, or hopeless, or something.  I don’t feel those things.  I just have a complete lack of motivation.

2 thoughts on “Useless Sunday”

  1. I know exactly what you mean — I have spells like that, involving a complete lack of motivation. When I get in that kind of a mood, doing the tiniest little thing seems like way too much hassle. I remember standing in front of a dishwasher full of clean dishes and staring at them, thinking “there is no way I can put the dishes away. It’s just too hard.”

    What usually helps me is allowing 15 minutes of some time-wasting activity, like playing solitaire on the computer, or watching tv in the lazyboy, followed by 15 minutes of something productive. I’ll go back and forth like that for a few hours, and I can trick myself into getting a lot of housework done that way.

    Then some days I seem to have boundless energy and willingness to do all the mundane things without even thinking about it. The brain works in mysterious ways. I hope your blah spell passes quickly, and that your shoulder starts to get better soon.

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