Pain Medication

My doctor prescribed pain medication due to my shoulder issue.  I resisted it at first, but after waking up this morning with intense pain, I took a pill.  I’ve taken two more since.  I’ve spent the day being lazy, and not really caring about anything.

I didn’t ride, do housework, yardwork, and anything else useful.  To make matters worse, I’ve been eating like crazy today.

I don’t think I’ll be taking any more of those pills.

I rode the full way to work on Thursday, and had to ride to my strength-training session after work.  I was on Oria, my recumbent, and the trainer there thought it was quite cool.  The ride home was difficult after the workout though.

I didn’t ride Friday due to oversleeping.  I intend to go for a ride tomorrow, even if it rains.

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