Extra Riding and Eating Well

After last week’s 186 miles (all on the ‘bent), I took a break on Monday, and didn’t ride.  I rode a partial commute on Nermal on Tuesday, and convinced a co-worker to take a quick lunch ride.

Today, Wednesday, I rode the full way to work on Nermal, had a lunch ride with two co-workers, then rode the Ride of Silence through downtown Louisville before heading home.  I rode 49 miles today, and didn’t get home until almost 10:00 p.m.

I’m not really lined up to break my weekly mileage record again unless I do a lot more riding this weekend.

I’ve been eating better the last two days and I’m actually “feeling thinner” again.  I’ve been through that before, and it usually happened at the beginning of another drop in weight.

I’ve had twice-weekly strength-training sessions for my upper body.  The idea is if I strengthen the muscles around my shoulder, it will help protected my poor arthritic shoulder joint.  So far I have some reduction in pain… until I move wrong, then the pain is back.  I haven’t seen any improvement in range-of-motion yet.

2 thoughts on “Extra Riding and Eating Well”

  1. I hope you are rewarded with some weight loss this week. It’s amazing how far you’ve come! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be spending a lot of my weekend in my garden, it’s prime planting season. Last weekend I started tomatoes and peppers in Earthbox container systems. Do you do any gardening? From the pictures that you post of your house it looks like you might have a lot of shade from large trees.

  2. My weight appears to be trending downward again. I just need to keep it moving that way.

    I don’t do any gardening. I might eventually, but not this year. I do have a large shady yard. I love the trees, but I don’t enjoy cleaning up after them.

    I’m going to try to get some more riding in this weekend, but I have to spend some more time doing housework. I spent most of last weekend riding, and let the housework go.

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