Weekly Bike Mileage Record

I set a new personal record for miles ridden in one week.  I ended the week today with 186.1 miles.  That tops my previous record of 176.8 miles back in August of last year.

I did the miles in four days.  The other three days I did no riding.

  • Monday: Commuting – 33 miles
  • Friday: Commuting and ride to Seneca Park – 47 miles
  • Saturday: Tour de Cure – 60 miles
  • Sunday: Ride with Tim, and my first LBC ride – total of 46 miles

Tim wants more miles, and knows I want more miles, so he arranged the beautiful ride from Iroquois Park to southwest of Louisville.  Once we got off the main roads, the ride was quite nice, if a bit hillier than I bargained for.

After some food and a short rest, I met up with Louisville Bicycle Club “ice cream ride” in Jeffersonville.  The ride goes up to Utica and back, then we have ice cream.  What could be better?

The LBC ride was notable for having four ‘bents (including Tom), so I was in good company.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Bike Mileage Record”

  1. That’s fabulous! How do you feel after all that riding? I hope you had time to cook yourself some nutritious meals, too. I am in my third week on Weight Watchers, and have lost 11 lbs. So far it has been easy for me, and it sure does feel good to drop some weight. I have been getting a lot of exercise with gardening — tis the season!

  2. That is a lot of miles!

    I did my partial commute again today. Weather is suppose to be warmer the rest of the week, I hope to by on the motorcycle from here out. That will end the bike commute.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Elizabeth,

    Unfortunately, I’ve been eating too much and cooking too little. I ate 1800 calories of ice cream in one sitting on Sunday night. Yep, it was a bit of a binge.

    My legs were a bit sore, and I didn’t ride on Monday so I could recover. I was back on the bike this morning for a partial-commute, and I’m riding with a coworker during lunch.


    The weather is looking great. I really need to keep riding a lot this week. I’m off to a poor start so far, with no riding yesterday, and only the partial commute today.

    I almost bought a scooter last year, but decided against it because I knew it would cut into my bike riding, and I wouldn’t lose weight.

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