Tour de Cure

I rode the 60-mile Tour de Cure today to benefit the American Diabetes Association.  This is the first charity ride I’ve ever done.

I finished the ride despite not having the use of my smallest chainring.  Apparently I had lost all of the bolts for the chainring, and the chainring came loose.  This was on Oria, my ‘bent.  She’s fixed now, but I had to finish the hilly ride without my lowest gears.

At the beginning of the ride, there were many riders bunched up.  Only some people were riding the 60-mile course.  Others were riding the 40 and 20-mile courses.  My bike problems started 15 miles into the ride, and I considered dropping out.  However, I’m a stubborn old fool, and I rode on.

By the time I made the halfway point, I rarely saw another cyclist.  I was far behind everyone else.  I walked some hills.  I’m grateful to the volunteers at the SAG stops and the roaming SAG vans.

I’ve joked about being banana-powered, and I really was today.  The SAG stops were well stocked with bananas and gatorade.

The weather was mixed for the ride.  The initial ride start time was bumped 30 minutes to wait for the thunderstorm to pass.  There was light rain, then just clouds.  When I neared the halfway point, it started raining again.  A few miles later and it was sunny.  I managed to get a mild sunburn.

When I arrived back at the start location, I was welcomed back.  I thought I was the last person to return (they really track *every* rider).  I was wrong.  There were still two people on the way who had mechanical issues also.

I had brought my camera, but I only took two pictures, neither is worth posting.

I stopped by the bike shop on the way home to get Oria fixed.  She is, and ready to ride again.

I went to Charlestown Pizza Company and treated myself to a meal and beer.  That’s a nice finish to the day.

I’m hoping for a slow and easy “recovery ride” tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Tour de Cure”

  1. Sorry about the mechanical!

    Great that you pressed on, anyway. Congrats! That’s farther than I’ve gone in a day in MONTHS!

    I’m doing the show-and-go to the Ice Cream Ride tomorrow, so I’ll get in a few miles, anyway. The ride itself is all but FLAT (there are a couple tiny rollers just north of Utica), so come on down if you want.

    Jenn will be there on her Giro 26, too.

  2. It’s farther than I’ve went in one day in months too. My body keeps reminding me of that fact.

    Things break. At least with bikes, it’s usually cheap to fix.

    I’ve got a morning ride planned with Tim, but if I get out of there early enough, I’ll stop by Jeffersonville on the way home.

  3. But you did it!! I’m jealous of the mileage, but I got all the gutters cleaned and took in Luke’s game, so it’s all good. Actually I also spent part of that time mounting the rack on the QB, but now I need another part. Oh well.

  4. well done david, i’m doing Manchester to blackpool on 120609, thats 60 miles in aid of epilepsy bereved, hope i manage it like yourself without the bike breaking though

  5. Mark – 60 miles will hurt a little, but it’s worth it. I don’t know your current riding capability, but if it’s similar to mine, you’ll hate yourself for a while during the ride, but be very happy later.

    Good luck!

  6. My cycling varies week to week between 30-100 miles depending on the weather and what shift I work, but we are doing the ride for a co-worker who lost her teenage son to epilepsy 2 years ago, there are about 4 of us doing it so hopefully we will all do it spurred on by the others

  7. Good cause!

    I’m a little too sweet myself, about 13 years now.

    The bike is one of the ways I am fighting back, I am working really hard to not have to go to four shots a day.

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