Bike to Work Day

I had planned to ride most, if not all, of the workdays this week.  That didn’t happen.  I did ride the full commute on Monday, and the full commute and then some today.

The city of Louisville was hosting the Bike to Work Day today.  I rode from my house in Charlestown to Seneca Park, then on to Fourth Street Live, and eventually to work.  During my lunch break I rode back down to Fourth Street Live for the festivities, and the disappointment of not winning anything in the drawings.  🙂

After work I headed straight home, as the return to Seneca would have been a bit pointless.  The festivities are already over.

To make it Seneca early enough, I left my house a 5:00 a.m.  That meant getting out of bed at 3:30.  I don’t want to do that again anytime soon.

The early part of the ride was incredibly nice.  There isn’t much traffic at 5:00, and the ride was peaceful and quiet, but dark.

After getting to Louisville I took Frankfort Avenue out to Stilz Avenue, and wound my way down to Seneca Park.

WAVE3 and WLKY both had news crews there.  WLKY interviewed me, and I’m quoted in the story, and make a brief appearance on the video.  WLKY was also taking video from a helicopter.  You can see me in the aerial footage also, because I stick out well on my ‘bent.

There was a photographer there who may have been with the Courier-Journal.

The weather through the day was perfect.  The forecasts had been calling for a chance of rain, but all morning and early afternoon was beautiful.

On the way home, still about five miles out, the skies opened up.  I rode the last five miles in a downpour.  This was my first “warm rain” of the season.  It was actually rather pleasant.  Some guy in a truck honked and made the “crazy gesture” at me.  I found that amusing and well worth getting wet.

I ended up with about 47 miles for the day.  Not bad for just a commuting day.

Tomorrow will be 62 miles for the Tour de Cure.  However, I am driving to that event.

4 thoughts on “Bike to Work Day”

  1. I check out both feeds. You have a habit of getting in local bike media. I’m gonna have to stay close to you at one of these events. 🙂

    Email me if you’re interested in riding tomorrow (Sunday).

  2. That’s awesome. I loved the news report, especially how the camera man kept trying to avoid shots of the “Piss off OPEC” t-shirts. I don’t know how many showed up for the Tulsa event. I counted 50 or so while I was there, but I was only there for 45 minutes or so. The Tulsa World did a story on bike commuting, and the reporter rode with me on my commute on Thursday. I have a link to the story on my blog. It was pretty cool!

  3. I didn’t know they had anything going on at forth street until I got home from work, but I would not have went anyway.

    I think it was a project.

    It is pretty cool that you got on TV!

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