Weekly Average Weight for May 9, 2009

chartweekly-2009-05-09My average weight for the week ending 5/9/2009:
203.7 lbs

Down from last week:
0.0 lbs

Down since I started on 10/31/2007:
92.7 lbs

My average loss per 30 days since 10/31/2007:
5.00 lbs

Weight until goal:
28.7 lbs

This week’s average is the same as last.  Looking at the chart above, I’m at the end of the largest weight spike I’ve had so far.  I’m glad I lost the weight that I had regained, but I did lose two months of progress.

My biggest problem is still overeating.  I haven’t completely brought it under control either.  I ate a huge dinner last night, and a rather large breakfast today.