The Knobs

Tim invited me to ride with him today.  He suggested a route leaving from New Albany, so I met him there.  The route was about 35 miles, and went through some beautiful yet demanding terrain.

Tim was on his Bleriot, and I rode Nermal.  Some of the uphills were excruciating, but well worth the rush going down the other side.  I managed to overheat my rims a bit coming down a hill.  I smelled something, and it turned out to be the brakes on the car ahead of us.  I touched my front rim, and it was hot to the touch.

Tim wrote about this ride much better than I can, so go check out his post.

I’m attaching a few of my pictures from the ride, and I stole a couple of Tim’s also.

3 thoughts on “The Knobs”

  1. I don’t think I’ll win any style points for the vest, but if it helps me be seen, I’ll be happy. The same thing goes for the reflective tape on the bike.

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