Another Evening Ride

Since I haven’t ridden to work this week yet, I decided to squeeze in another 11-mile evening ride.  This time it wasn’t fully dark when I left, but was nearly so when I arrived home.

I had three dogs give chase, but I could actually see them this time.  They appeared friendly, and I’m glad, as they cut in front of me, forcing me to brake.

The weather forecast has been calling for rain and possible thunderstorms, but it was simply cloudy during most of the ride.  Some light rain started shortly after I got home.

2 thoughts on “Another Evening Ride”

  1. Sadly, my evening rides have usually been in response to the, “Oh, rats, we are out of…” involving a trip to the grocery. I’ve not done a lot of leisure riding of late. I might get to do the Saturday morning ride out of Waterfront Park or something.

    Tuesday evening, I almost got home in time to trade bikes and do the evening club ride. I wasn’t in the mood to ride it on the Raleigh, on which I had done my commute that day.

  2. I’ve been riding in the evening, due to my lack of riding to work this week. I need to get some miles in. Nearly two weeks without a car has strengthened my legs, and I don’t want to totally lose that now that I have a vehicle again.

    I’d also like to try to squeeze a longish ride in this weekend, but I’ve got a lot of other things to do, so I’m not sure it’ll happen.

    I’m also considering breaking out the ‘bent for the commute tomorrow, but by mentioning it here, I’ve probably just jinxed myself.

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