No Longer Car-Free

I really had intended on sticking out the car-free lifestyle for a while. After a discussion with Kristy about the future, and the realization that we will be in this house for a while, I decided to buy a vehicle.

I bought a used 2008 Nissan Frontier.  I’m back in the world of car payments and full-coverage insurance.

I really like the truck, and I’ll be able to haul my bikes, dogs, or whatever else I need to.

I’ll still be riding the bike to work a few days a week.  I don’t want to start gaining the weight back again.

4 thoughts on “No Longer Car-Free”

  1. From the picture, it looks like you followed the same decision tree I did. I rarely have more than one passenger in my car, but if I do, I have the jump seats (although I won’t sentence an adult of over five foot two inches to sit in them for any great length of time unless she is quite willing to volunteer, and I’m not dating her any more so she won’t sit there). When I drive, I often as not have cargo to haul, at least more than I am comfortable hauling on one of my bikes (and may be hauling one or more bikes).

    Yep, small truck with extended cab was my choice. At the time I bought mine, I was riding to work most of the time, and could borrow a spare car my folks had for really lousy weather or other needs. I had time to search for a good deal. I still have that truck, almost nine years and over a hundred thousand miles later.

  2. I had similar thoughts about what kind of vehicle I wanted. Kristy actually found this one online, and pointed it out.

    I hope I get many years out of it.

  3. Oh, and another thing: the comment “we will be here for a while” suggests that she’s moving. N’est ce pas?

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