Why I Ride

My commute home today summed up many of the reasons I ride my bike.

  • The sun warming my face
  • The goofy grin that comes with simple pleasure
  • A strong tailwind for much of the ride, pushing me faster toward home
  • The smooth sound of tires running over wet pavement
  • The fierce headwind and smattering of rain as I neared home
  • A short break to consume the contents of a water bottle
  • Ominous storm clouds in the distance
  • Birds riding the air currents near the edges of the storm
  • A full rainbow from horizon to horizon as I finish my ride

3 thoughts on “Why I Ride”

  1. “The goofy grin that comes with simple pleasure” — I love it! I am going to remember that as I go about my day today, and I hope to have a goofy grin on my face more often than not.

    Enjoy your biking!

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