A Tortuous, but Fun Ride

Today was the April RCCS ride.  This was the ride Tim dubbed the Paris-Redux ride, named after the Paris-Roubaix race in France.  Well, our ride wasn’t a race, and it was shorter, but it did go over slippery bricks, through mud, over broken glass, through potholes, and so on.

In additon to the challenging terrain it rained for the entire ride.  The puddles would hide deep holes and debris.  Let’s just say that I was glad I have health insurance.

Our group was seven people.  We managed four flats on the ride, one of them mine.  I had a small piece of glass in my tire.  We had multiple little problems with things rattling loose from the bikes going over the bricks.  We had a crash but no injury save for a scraped up hand.

The grit that gets splashed on the bike on rainy days is hard on the brakes.  The brakes were getting used a lot on this ride, so I wore a significant portion of my brake pads off.  I didn’t take the time to readjust the brakes, so I spent the last part of the ride with brakes that slowed me down about as much as a weak headwind.

Now I’m home, dried out and warmed up. I’ve adjusted my brakes and cleaned the bike.  I need to tighten everything that could have been knocked loose.

I’m drained, but I feel good.  I will sleep well tonight.

4 thoughts on “A Tortuous, but Fun Ride”

  1. I’m going to have to come over and ride with you guys one weekend this fall. Wouldn’t mind a weekend of pub jumping and sight seeing on bike with the guys!


  2. It was nice to meet you on Sunday. Glad to hear that you got the bike cleaned up. I put mine away filthy after I got home and I have not looked at it since. I feel kind of guilty.

  3. Jerry,
    Come on over!

    I had a great time on Sunday. I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t do the brewpub thing, but I understand people had other obligations.

    When you do get your bike out and clean it, it’ll forgive you. 🙂

    I cleaned, readjusted, and relubed my bike, but rode in the rain again to go get to work yesterday, so you really can’t tell now. It might rain again today, so I’ll wait until tonight to clean it again.

  4. Yes, I was miffed about the sit-n-dine as well. It was one of those classic “miscommunication” moments in my household. I don’t think I have to explain. Next time I’m marking the calendar a bit more forcefully and I’ll be stopping for a pint.

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