3500 Calories?!

The extra bike riding of the last two days has made me extremely hungry.  I didn’t binge on anything, but I did eat almost constantly today.  I totalled it up, and it came out to just over 3500 calories.  I won’t lose weight if I keep doing that.

Alright, I’ve had a lot of exercise, now I’ve eaten, it’s time for bed.

2 thoughts on “3500 Calories?!”

  1. Don’t feel guilty about eating when you’re hungry! I bet, with as much as you’re biking now, your challenge will not be losing weight but keeping your energy level up!

  2. I really did eat too much yesterday. I know my calorie consumption needs to be higher than it was, but I overdid it yesterday.

    I sleep plenty, but I’m still having energy issues. I rode to the bus today. I was falling asleep on the bus.

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