Officially Car-Free

My Kia was hauled off on a flatbed truck just a few minutes ago.  I have a wad of cash to deposit tomorrow morning.  It’s done.  I will miss that poor little car.

My commute today was interesting.  I rode 10.5 miles on the way to work, and caught the bus for some of the trip.  I hadn’t used the bike racks on the buses before today.

On the way home, I felt good, and rode the whole way.  I did get rained on, but I was dressed well enough for it.

I also ran two errands on the bike today.  During my lunch hour, I rode to a downtown bike shop to get a spare tube.  After getting home from work, I did some grocery shopping.  Fewer people here in Charlestown look at me funny.  They must be getting used to seeing me hauling groceries on the bike.

I am a bit nervous about not having a car.  I do intend to buy another car at some point, but not yet.  I’m using what little money I have to pay my taxes.  I didn’t know I was going to owe money until today.  Selling the car became necessary to pay my taxes on time.

9 thoughts on “Officially Car-Free”

  1. I’m told that if I didn’t have a car, I’d find ways to do what I need to do. I know folks who are car-free, as do you. There are reasons I want to keep my car operable, but, like you, it’s more of an inconvenience to not have one than a dire situation.

    I’m told that the longer you go without a car, the less you’ll need one. Of course, that would mean your girlfriend would have to do all the driving back and forth…

  2. David I have been following your blog for some months I too cycle to work but drive and ride as its 24 miles one way from Warrington to near to Manchester UK, I couldnt do without my car I manage at the moment to cycle 18 miles round trip but am hoping to increase it soon. good luck to you I shall watch and see how you do

  3. My car-free status will be temporary. I don’t know how long temporary is. One month? Six? I don’t know.

    I would like to move closer to work, whether I have a car or not.

  4. I did the opposite and moved further away which stopped my cycling which meant i put 3 1/2 stone on over a period of a few years, but back on the bike now lost 12 llbs since mid jan

  5. My husband and I plan to move to the St. Matthews/Clifton area so we can be in a bike-friendlier part of town. That would also put me by a busline that goes right to my office and within 10 miles of work so I could consider bike-commuting, depending on my comfort level with the traffic. At least it sounds like you have the option of moving! Are the bike racks on the bus easy to use?

  6. Best of luck on finding a deal on a new car when the time comes. Glad to see you have options to get to work and back in the meantime. I haven’t driven to work in a long time, but my commute is nothing compared to yours. Kudos!

  7. Hill,

    I’ve looked at several neighborhoods I’d like to live in. It’s just that due to my financial state, I’m not prepared to buy another house, and my two dogs make renting a bit troublesome.

    I want to live somewhere inside the 264 loop. I think cycling and riding the bus are easier from there. Clifton would work well. The Highlands is nice. Germantown, Old Louisville, all are fine. I’ve actually looked online at a few houses, but it’s just “window shopping” for now.


    After today, I’m beat… and I still have three more days this week to commute. Also I’m planning on riding an RCCS ride this Sunday. That would mean 20 miles there, 30 mile ride, and 20 miles back. Hmmm…. I’m not sure I can handle 70 miles Sunday, then ride to work on Monday.

    The amount of time that bicycle commuting takes (for the distance) is problematic too. I have very little time to do anything after getting home other than cook and eat, so I can get to bed on time.

  8. To both David and Hill, I live in Clifton and highly recommend the area. It is centrally located, bike friendly and affordable. With all that is in Clifton, Crescent Hill and downtown, I have little need to ever go more than a handful of miles away from my home — except to get to my job, which is located in the far east end of Louisville.

  9. Dave, I understand with pets. That’s why we don’t have any. 🙁

    John, I also work on the far east side of Louisville in Eastpoint. Fortunately a bus line runs from Frankfort directly to my office. I have looked at bike commuting, but at least right now the idea of biking down LaGrange Road is pretty scary.

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