Unintentially Car-Free

My poor Kia is out of service, possibly for good.  The timing belt broke this morning and some pretty serious engine damage came out of it.  I could repair or replace the engine, but the rest of the car isn’t worth it.

The timing (no pun intended) of this was actually pretty good.  Had it happened earlier in the morning, it could have meant Kristy missing her flight (I drove her to the airport).  If it waited until this Sunday, I could have been stranded somewhere between here and Michigan.

Although I’m looking around for a cheap replacement car, this could be a great opportunity to ride more.

I normally drive to get dog food and cat litter because I get large quantities from 12 miles away.  Today, I had to get a smaller bag of dog food of a different brand, so that I could get it here in town, and so I could haul it on my bike.  20 lbs of dog food and 14 lbs of cat litter definitely affected the handling of the bike, but I made it home safe.

6 thoughts on “Unintentially Car-Free”

  1. We both try to be “car free lite,” but sometimes life reminds us that we are better able to be without our cars than many around us. I was without my truck most of last week, but because I have bikes, I could do most of what I needed to do.

    It’s an example to set for others, in our own way.

  2. I made my first mixed-mode commute today. I rode the bike 10.5 miles and rode the bus for the remainder.

    There was a brief rain during the ride, but not long enough to get me really wet.

    Before I started bicycling I would have considered my car problem an emergency. Now, not so much. It’s just an inconvenience.

  3. Funny, I have my Kia for sale on Craigslist now….

    It will be a little while before I buy a car again. I just found out that I owe the IRS money. There goes my car fund. 🙁

  4. You may not have gotten drenched on the way to work today, David, but be ready for the waves of downpouring we have this evening…

  5. I watched the downpour and hail we had a little while ago. I was glad I wasn’t outside then. I had run down to Bike Couriers at lunch to pick up a tube, but luckily it didn’t rain then.

    I know I’ll get wet on the way home. It’s better than getting wet on the way to work. I’ll take a nice hot shower once I make it home. I just hope the hail doesn’t come back. It would be annoying to hear it smack into my helmet and glasses. 🙂

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