Great Day for Riding

I got on the bike today.  I rode a partial commute from Jeffersonville into work.  It was still chilly in the morning, but the ride was good, and traffic didn’t get too backed up on the bridge.

Nermal’s new back wheel is working flawlessly.  I really like the slightly higher gearing the 12-28 cassette has.

By lunchtime the temperature had hit about 60.  I took about  a 3.5 mile ride down to On Your Left Cycles.  I didn’t buy anything, I just wanted to check out another bike shop.

They did have a KHS Urban-Xpress.  I was checking the bike out for Kristy, as she probably needs an upright riding position.  She hasn’t commited to the idea of a recumbent yet.  The bike there wasn’t the right size, but they should have more soon.

I still have to ride my bike back to my car after work, but it’s a beautiful day.  Let’s hope the drivers are polite.

One thought on “Great Day for Riding”

  1. I test rode a similar bike, the Giant Transend, a couple of weeks back. Just picking up some biming goodies and it was out and in my size. Great price, but not free, so had to pass. Would like it to hook Young Prince’s tag a long bike on to.


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