Weekly Average Weight for April 4, 2009

My average weight for the week ending 4/4/2009:
207.9 lbs

Up from last week:
2.5 lbs

Down since I started on 10/31/2007:
88.5 lbs

My average loss per 30 days since 10/31/2007:
5.10 lbs

Weight until goal:
32.9 lbs

It took me several days to get around to posting this.  I’m disgusted with my weight heading the wrong direction.

I was going to ride my bike today, but overslept.  I’ve ridden way too little, and eaten way too much.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Average Weight for April 4, 2009”

  1. Well, David now we know what to do aboutit. Schedule a ride or workout today after work and watch that intake.

    You have come far. Its only a little slip, but make it a full blown spill.


  2. As long as it is just one step back and two forward you are still making progress!

    Don’t worry about should have and plan for will be. Like Jerry said, just plan something tonight…

    I planned to start my partual commuting this morning, but somehow I misplaced my headlight for the bike. I plan to take the truck to lunch and leave it, riding my bike back to the factory, then ride back to the truck after work. It will not be a long commute, but it is a start. Maybe over time I can park the truck further from work of a morning.

    Don’t forget Sunday is Easter, see you in Church!

  3. David, take a deep breath and continue with your healthy living plan. I used to have a Weight Watchers leader who was known to say “just because you drop one egg on the floor, that doesn’t mean you have to throw the rest of the dozen on the floor too.” Wise words!

    You have worked so hard, you deserve to get to your goal. Do you remember how you felt 90 pounds ago? How depressing it was? Turn your back on those days. You are not “The Fat Guy” any more, you are a healthy man who truly enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.

    Spring is coming — get out there in the beautiful countryside and enjoy yourself on your bike!

  4. I haven’t dropped the whole dozen eggs yet… one, maybe two. 🙂

    I forgot to weigh-in today, but I have a feeling my weight is down a bit.

    I did the partial-commute thing today, and it was a nice day for it. If I worked four miles or less from home, I would ride to work every single day, no matter what the weather did.

    I appreciate the kind words Elizabeth. I’m really not “The Fat Guy” anymore. I’m going to have to work to prevent myself from becoming him again though.

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