The Rain Missed Me

I was away from home overnight, and didn’t have time or energy to ride to work today.

While driving home from work the storm clouds were blowing in.  The rain just missed me.  I was home for all of about ten minutes before the wind and rain teamed up to give horizontal rain.

The rain was intense, but short-lived.  After it stopped, I hopped on the bike, and rode to the grocery store.  Several minutes after getting home with the groceries, the rain started again, but more of a slow drizzle than a downpour.

It was fun to squeeze all of my travel between rain showers.

I’m attending a wedding after work tomorrow, but I’m still considering a partial-commute on Nermal.  I’m a bit leery of doing it, as I haven’t got around to buying a another tube to replace my spare.  Maybe I’ll patch my old one.

3 thoughts on “The Rain Missed Me”

  1. The morning was BEAUTIFUL this morning! I got in a great ride and feel great.

    Storm hit us about 3pm!


  2. I rode the Raleigh Thursday, with the rain cape in the bag for the trip home.

    I was almost home when the first torrent hit. I pulled into a “stop and rob” to get under shelter while I had the bag open to get out my rain cape. By the time I got home, the heavy stuff had stopped.

    I was to teach parking lot drills for a Confident Cycling class last night, but they rescheduled the drills due to the weather. I heard lots of thunder while in with the class, but by the time we left (about 9:15), it was just a steady shower.

    I needed the car today, so I drove this morning.

  3. I repeated my recent Church to home ride Saturday, it was a perfect day. You could sell a bicycle on a day like that!

    Got to remember to top of my tires before I ride…

    My new “slicks” worked great!

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