The Week is Off to a Great Start

I rode a repaired and improved Nermal to work on Monday.  I felt strong, and made great time going to work, and on the return trip.

My mental state is greatly improved from being back on the bike.  Starting off the workday with a bike ride is a huge boost to my mood and attitude at work.

I was highly motivated to get home quickly after work, so I could drive to go visit Kristy, my girlfriend.  I have to drive to see Kristy, as she lives about 90 miles from my house.  I may eventually ride there, but I’ll need a few days off work to do that.

I did drive to work today, but I’ll be back on the bike tomorrow.

My weight is  still up, but I’m back to eating healthy, and plan to put some serious miles on the bikes, so I should be back to losing weight very soon.

2 thoughts on “The Week is Off to a Great Start”

  1. Exercise is truly the fountain of youth. I do a bit of walking in my commute, two 15-minute walks and two 20-minute walks every day, to and from the train. It’s a good base amount of exercise. I’m glad you’re back on your bike! I love the name “Nermal”. How did you come up with that??

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