Monthly Mileage

I started tracking my bike and car mileage monthly at the beginning of the year.  Although I have dropped my goal of driving less than 3500 miles, I still intend to ride at least 5000 miles.  So, how’s my progress?

Month Bike Car
01-2009 277.8 678.0
02-2009 263.0 768.0
03-2009 192.4 1,995.0

My progress is horrible.  I should be riding at least 417 miles per month to get to my goal.  Not only that, but my mileage for March was the lowest of the year, even with the better weather.

I now need about 475 miles per month for the rest of the year to get me to my goal.  I should aim for 500, just to make sure I make the goal.

The big spike in car miles is due to driving to work more often, and driving to visit Kristy.

4 thoughts on “Monthly Mileage”

  1. The more and more I think about it, the more I want to reel off some long rides this summer. Long, century-style rides whether with the LBC, the RCCS or solo. I have the advantage of having some free time, so there’s no reason not too, at least for me. I’m more than 300m ahead of my 2008 pace, and last year I did 18 total miles in April. I might just break that tomorrow.

  2. I think an RCCS century is a great idea. I will also plan a solo century sometime this year. I tried for a 90-mile ride last year, but only managed 60 before calling for a ride. I’m in better shape now though.

  3. Out mileage is pretty similar at this juncture, I with more in January but less in February, and we were within 9 miles of each other for March.

    April gets hectic for me, so we’ll see what I can maintain.

  4. April is going to be crazy for me too. I’m doing a lot of driving to Kristy’s house (90 miles one-way). I have less time for riding. I’m also doing two-round trips to Michigan and back over the next two weekends, so we’ll see.

    I did block out time for the April RCCS ride though. 🙂

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