Tour de Cure

I will be riding the 62-mile Tour de Cure in May.

I probably don’t need to get involved in another charity ride, but this one seems painless.  Also, the River City Cycling Society has a team for this ride, so I joined.

Diabetes runs in my family, and I was at high-risk for it before my lifestyle change, so I personally feel the need for this.

If I can raise at least $300, I’ll ride my upright bike (Nermal) instead of the recumbent.  Please give if you can.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Tour de Cure”

  1. I would like to ride the TdC, but I might be busy on that afternoon (tennis) so I can’t guarantee my participation. We’ll see, and if not, I’ll throw some $$ your way.

    Get on that bike!!

  2. I’d love to see you there if you can make it. This ride should be a little easier to squeeze into a busy schedule than The Ride To Conquer Cancer.

    I’m back on the bike. I rode Nermal (with the new wheel) to work today. It was a great day for riding, and the bike performed flawlessly.

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