Cooking… Baby Steps

I’ve mentioned that I want to become a better cook.  I’ve had more groceries around the house that actually require cooking due to my girlfriend visiting.

I figure I’ll work toward the “middle ground” stuff.  Simple enough that it doesn’t take too long, yet isn’t just heating something up, or throwing it on the grill.

I had some brown rice that I put on to boil with spices and frozen peas.  I had some chicken tenderloin that I dipped in flour with some spices.  I pan-fried it in a small amount of olive oil.

This was a rather simple meal, but it’s different than what I usually do.

I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to calculating calories, but the two pieces of meat and small serving of rice seems to be about 650 calories.  I had enough left for another meal.

With more practice the rice will be better.  It was slightly mushy.

2 thoughts on “Cooking… Baby Steps”

  1. That looks really good. That plate needs a side of veggies, though, don’t you think? I used to think fresh vegetables were the only way to go, but I’ve been reading that frozen can be more nutritious, because they are frozen when they are perfectly fresh. I have a good supply of frozen vegetables in my freezer.

    French-cut green beans would look great on that plate!

  2. I didn’t really think about vegetables at the time. I’m not sure why. I’ll be sure to microwave some frozen veggies when I eat the left-overs from this.

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