Just a Quick Sunday Ride

I hopped on the ‘bent for a quick ride.  I didn’t plan a route, and I ended up at Charlestown State Park.  After last Sunday’s ride on gravel during the RCCS ride, I decided to hit some more gravel.

My total ride was only 9.1 miles, so it was quick, but I have a lot to do today.

I was going to take more pictures, but my camera batteries went dead, and I hadn’t brought the spare set.

3 thoughts on “Just a Quick Sunday Ride”

  1. Dave, I was wanting to explore that area. If you’re interesting in having a ride companion, let me know and we’ll stretch it out NE of Charlestown.

  2. Tim,
    My next two weekends are pretty busy. I’m riding to work this week, otherwise I won’t have time to ride for a while. When did you have in mind?

    Welcome back!

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