A Perfect Day For Riding, but I’ll Be Driving

Nermal has been out of commision with a broken rear wheel.  I paid Tom to hand-build a new wheel using a seven-speed cassette hub I picked up on eBay.

I dropped the new wheel with no tire mounted to it on concrete.  A wheel I had never ridden, or even mounted to the bike was destroyed.  It landed on the edge of the rim and bent it.  Where the tire bead sits was bent outward.  It won’t hold a tire under pressure anymore.  I know, I tried, leading to a blow-out.  It was totally my fault.

That didn’t affect my plans for today, as I was going to do a full commute on Oria.  Oria had front derailleur and rear brake trouble on Sunday’s ride.  The front derailleur was easy to fix, the rear brake was just an adjustment issue, but it took me hours to get it right.

I was up too late, woke up late, and can barely keep my eyes open now, so I’ll drive.

I also need to bring the wheel in, so Tom can pick it up and look at it.  I figure at the very least, it’ll need a new rim laced to it.  I had considered carrying the wheel on the bike somehow, but it’s just easier to throw it in the trunk.

2 thoughts on “A Perfect Day For Riding, but I’ll Be Driving”

  1. I got a new/old three speed you can use anytime you need it.

    I just bought it some new tires Monday, but have yet to get them mounted, but as you know it is not a big job. Let me know.

    BTW what bike shop do you use most of the time? I bought the tires at the Shwinn place on 131.

    I rode Monday and again Tuesday night this week!

  2. I don’t think I’ll need to borrow the bike… If I ride with Tim, he’ll loan me one. I’d love to ride a three-speed again someday though.

    Congratulations on riding. I haven’t ridden to work at all recently. That will change though. I rode a quick ride around town last night, and the 48 mile RCCS ride on Sunday.

    I don’t have a regular bike shop. I have shopped at Schellers, Clarksville Schwinn, Bike Couriers, and Bluegrass Bicycle. There are more I will check out later.

    Once my life settles down a bit more, we should get together for a leisurely ride.

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