Day 500

Yesterday was day 500 of my lifestyle change.  I didn’t weigh yesterday, but Friday’s weight was 203.4 lbs.  My weekly average was 203.0 lbs, the same as last week.  My weight is actually trending upward a little due to overeating and lack of exercise.

I have a RCCS ride today that should help, and I’ll be riding to work most of this upcoming week (hopefully).

I ate a huge meal at a Cuban restaurant last night.  It was very good, but today’s weight was 206.6 lbs.  I can’t eat like that too often.

It seems amazing to me that it’s been 500 days.  I have changed a lot, physically and mentally, but I still have the same food issues if I don’t pay attention.

4 thoughts on “Day 500”

  1. Great ride today, even with some extra added drama. The route was near, if not, perfect. I look forward to plying those roads again. And I was pleased to see a nice and varied group.

  2. I finally rode this year!

    Friday I bought an old Sears and Robuck three speed at a flee market and took it for a spin Sunday afternoon. Nothing long or earth sattering, but a ride about the old town of English.

    Needs new rubber but otherwise works great.

    I guess I am crazy, I needed another bike to not ride like I needed a hole in the head. But it was cheap enough and got me out at least once, does that make sense?

    500 days, that is the long haul, way to go!

  3. Mark,
    Cool. It was a great day for riding. I was on an RCCS ride Sunday. What’s bad is that I’ve been off the bike too long, and 48 miles of hills about killed me. It was fun though.

    I have two bikes, and they serve different purposes. Just look at it that way. I’ll probably buy another eventually. You may also as long as the “wife acceptance factor” is high enough. 🙂

    500 days does sound like a lot, but it pretty much snuck up on me. I didn’t even weigh-in on the 500th day, because I had other stuff going on.


  4. The proper number of bikes in one’s garage is n+1, where n is the current number. There are all sorts of ways one can justify another bike purchase. One of my favorites is “different horses for different courses.” Or riding styles (I have two I use as commuters, for example, and another for fast rides).

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