I’ve Met Someone Incredible

I met an incredible woman, and she appears to be willing to tolerate me for a while.  🙂

She was concerned about this website, and how public I am about my life.  I have agreed to keep that part of my life out of here, but I did want to let people know I am writing less often (and riding less often) because I found other things to do.

I still plan to continue riding and losing weight.  After all, I’d like to get myself into good shape, and stay that way for my health, and for her.

Some other aspects of my life will be improved now.  I may do some home and car repairs that I’ve put off for a while.  She lives some distance away, and my car has a few issues.  My house has some minor issues that I haven’t fixed, and it makes me look lazy.

So, don’t expect to see much about her on here.  I just wanted to let people know that my less frequent postings are not a bad sign.

7 thoughts on “I’ve Met Someone Incredible”

  1. I’ll definitely be riding. She may even be joining me later this year. She had considering buying a bike last year, and I’ll take her bike shopping this year.

    Even if she ends up not riding, she won’t have a problem with me doing it.

  2. A friend made the comment that I’ve added women to the membership of the LBC by dating them. The first case he mentioned was a woman who had recently joined the club, and who that summer bought a bike from me at the store, THEN started hanging around with me. The next girlfriend joined some months after we started dating, and has since gone to become a well-regarded century demon (although I’ve heard she is scaling back a bit this year). My current girlfriend had not ridden in decades, but fell in love with a ‘bent I was brokering, and eventually bought her own bike(s). She’s been on OKHT with me (on a borrowed tandem, no less), and we plan to do a lot more club riding in the coming years.

    Oh, yeah, Jenn is the first girlfriend to have me living with her (or is she living with me?). Ever.

  3. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

    Be warned, the best way to upset a great friendship with an ex-wife is with a new girlfriend. Can’t be helped, just be prepared…

    Hope you rode today, perfect weather!

    I have the flu, missed the whole weekend!

  4. Tom,
    Hopefully I can add a new bicycle rider to the area too. 🙂 I’ll let her try out my ‘bent and see what she thinks.

    My ex-wife moved out of state a while ago. She is aware of my relationship, and has been involved with a couple of people since the divorce. That’s probably the healthiest outcome that can come out of it.

    I haven’t ridden in way too long, but I do have the RCCS ride on Sunday to look forward to.

  5. Thanks!

    She does want a bike. She has tried my ‘bent. She hasn’t decided if she wants a ‘bent or not. Maybe a few more test rides are in order. 🙂

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