The Ride That Almost Wasn’t

I did ride today.  I made it to work in pretty good time.  One hour and twenty minutes.  I pushed harder because I woke up late.

When I realized I woke up late, I considered driving, but I need more exercise.  I don’t need to slide down into the pit of laziness.  Also, I feel better when I ride.

So, I hurriedly packed up, ate breakfast, and was out the door.  Today was warmer than yesterday, but it was still a brisk 27 degrees.  There was a little bit of a headwind, but it wasn’t bad.  Traffic was lighter due to it being later.

So, I’m really glad I rode, and the ride home should be much warmer.

2 thoughts on “The Ride That Almost Wasn’t”

  1. Just a follow-up. I’ve had one of the best commuting days I’ve had in months. I wasn’t too tired on the way home. I was careful to have another bit of food about 1.5 hours before I left work. I made it home feeling great.

    The warmer temperatures were good to. It was about 50 when I left work, and probably 45 when I got home. I wore one layer and no jacket.

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