Two Days — No Riding

I haven’t ridden since my 25 miler on Sunday.  Although I have ridden to work with temperatures in the teens quite a few times, I don’t enjoy it.  Today, it dipped into the single-digits.  I’m ready for spring, and sick of the cold.

Tomorrow looks like a good day though.  My commute will start out in the 20s and warm up from there.  Not too bad.

Partial-commutes are out for now.  Nermal is having more wheel issues.  I had been planning to get some hand-made wheels, but now I’m considering saving my money and buying a Surly Long Haul Trucker.

A LHT with rack, fenders, Brooks saddle, lights, and bags would be a great commuter bike, and would fit on the back of my car, unlike Oria.  If I had trouble getting used to drop bars, and bar-end shifters, and could switch those out for something else.

Hmmm…. What could I sell for a LHT?

  • Nermal (sniff, don’t want to)
  • Old refrigerator
  • My pets?  (not going to happen)
  • String trimmer
  • Gas grill (but I love my gas grill)

Well, I guess I don’t have enough things of value to sell that I’m willing to part with, so I’d better get to saving.

7 thoughts on “Two Days — No Riding”

  1. Just get a jar and start saving! Like always, cheaper options than the LHT is available. Look for some end of year clearance on models in the fall or next January. I got a great deal on my first “roadie” because of it being a discountined model.

    And don’t worry about not liking drops! Like I said, I just purchased my first bike with drops and I won’t go back to a flat bar. And WAS a drop hater. But when I lost most of my gut, it feels better to ride in the drops. No more knee strikes to the belly!

    Enjoy the blog.


  2. Craigslist…

    Sounds like you just need a set of cheap used wheels in the short term.

  3. Jerry,
    I really like the LHT. I need to get fit for one though. I’d hate to buy the wrong size. I assume I’ll get used to drops. I’m willing to try anyway. Oh, I have a jar, with money in it! I’m not sure how much. I guess I need to find out when I can take to the bank for counting.

    Yes, I still need to fix the wheel issues with Nermal. There are too many times when I need to haul a bike with me, and it will probably be next year before I buy a LHT. I’m going to review my options.

  4. One thing about the LHT is that you can scan the web for deals, whether they be new frames, or better yet, used ones. The surly google group has MANY articles about LHT fit and also has deals too.

    And you don’t want to go a whole year without a haul-able bike, so talk around and get Nermal adjusted.

  5. The LHT is a great bike, but I’ve yet to ride one that was in my size! And I hate to buy anything like that sight unseen. But went with the lighter road bike over the tourer.

    Like Tim posted, you can find them used all over, when you don’t have the money! I would see one for sale at least once a week when I was looking and not buying. Couldn’t find one when I had money in hand!

    Like to see them come out in a orange or racing red color!


  6. Why not come up with a way to transport Oria by car?
    I get my LWB around with one of those hitch-mount racks.

  7. Jerry,
    I’ll go to a shop that is willing to order an LHT and get fit properly. I don’t want to buy the wrong size just because they have it in stock (or I find it used). I also won’t have the money for a while.

    I have considered this. It would just feel weird to me to spend money for an attachment on the car, when the car needs some substantial repairs. Oh well. One thing at a time.

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