I Did Actually Get Out of the House

I’ve had a really hard time getting on the bike recently.  I hadn’t ridden since Monday.  I got an email this morning from Tim, asking if I’d like to tag along for a “recon ride” to scope out an upcoming RCCS ride.

That’s all it took, and we had a great 25-mile ride through parts of Louisville I’ve never seen.  We went down brick alleys, through historic neighborhoods, and along the Beargrass Creek Trail.  It was a nice ride.

Tim, usually one to bring a camera, was travelling light.  I had mine, and he borrowed it when we were stopped while I fixed my bike.  We were in the St. James Court area when a small tree branch got into my front wheel.  Although it destroyed my front fender, nothing else was damaged, and I didn’t wreck.  So, a quick few minutes to remove the destroyed fender, and we were off.




2 thoughts on “I Did Actually Get Out of the House”

  1. Glad there was no crash to report!

    Weatherman is calling for much warmer weather later in the week, I am really going to try and ride.

  2. Yeah, a crash may have ruined the day. Even an un-rideable bike would have been bad. Just a busted fender? No big deal.

    I really wanted to ride today. I knew it would be cold. I’m wearing a sweater, and I’ll be driving.

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