Happy, but No Riding

I haven’t ridden a bike since Monday.  I was going to yesterday, but I had a date after work.  I’m not going to chronicle my love life here (or lack of it), but I had a good reason for not riding.  A first date is probably not ideal for showing up in cycling gear, drenched in sweat.  I’ll save that for the second date  🙂 — If there is one.

This morning, I can hear the wind howling outside.  Not ideal weather for a ride.  I also woke up late.  Apparently I had a brief power outage overnight, and my alarm clock didn’t go off.  The alarm on my cell phone did go off, but it took it almost 2 hours to wake me up.

I’m happy and in a good mood despite these setbacks, mostly because new possibilities seem to have opened up.

4 thoughts on “Happy, but No Riding”

  1. All right!! Good for you for getting yourelf out there! I haven’t been in the dating scene for quite a few years, but I do remember the excitement and that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling of a first date.

    I’m happy for you — especially because it has lifted your spirits.

  2. Well, the happiness from the date has shifted to anxiety. I also feel uncomfortable talking much about it because she knows about this blog.

    I think she is a wonderful woman, and is possibly the right match for me. Her thoughts are more unclear to me. I dunno, I can hope.

    I’ve decided to focus my energy more on the bike riding and weight loss again. Well, except today, I’ve got way too much housework to do.

    Anyway, I think I’m not going to mention any dating activity on here again… unless I end up in a relationship.

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