RCCS Ride #2

I had reservations about this months RCCS ride.  The weather forecast was calling for wind, rain, and snow, with possible accumulation.  Well, the weather forecast was right, but it was a great time.

Four of us were there.  Tim, Dale, Rich (Rick? – not sure, sorry), and myself.

We started at Sunergos Coffee on Preston St.  At this point it was windy, and there were times we had a hard time pushing through the wind… other than Dale… he’s a monster.

On the way to our first stop the rain began.  It was a cold rain that would sting slightly when it hit exposed skin.  Luckily, I had very little exposed skin.

Our first stop was Rich O’s in New Albany for a good beer, and to warm up.  While at Rich O’s, the rain had turned to snow.  It was wet, sticky snow, but it was better than the rain.  The temperature had dropped, so I switched to my warmer gloves, and put on my balaclava.


We traveled back through New Albany and Clarksville, and were heading across the bridge.  Tim is great at choosing moments to take pictures, so we pulled off on to the sidewalk while he grabbed a picture of the downtown skyline disappearing into the snowy haze.

We went to BBC for hot food, and cold beer.  Then continued on to Cumberland Brews in the Highlands for another snack, and a beer.


It was a great ride overall.  I left my camera at home, so I stole these from Tim.  Dale had a camera too, but I don’t have those pictures yet.

By the time I got back to my car, the precipitation had stopped.  There was a light accumulation of snow on the grassy areas, and on my car, but the roads were fine.

I completely blew my calorie budget for the day, even considering the calories burned by the ride.  I don’t care, it was completely worth it.

5 thoughts on “RCCS Ride #2”

  1. Dawn,

    I did enjoy it! Thanks. I love you too. There are some good low-traffic roads up by your house that would be good for riding, as long as they’re not snow-covered. 🙂

  2. Hopefully the ride back from Cumberland wasn’t too hard on you guys. The cold air really seemed to be setting in, and with wet gear that can’t be fun for long. Still, the adventure makes it all worth it in the end. See ya on the next one!

  3. Rick,

    I enjoyed the entire ride. After a stop the damp clothing is a bit cold, but you warm up quickly. If you’re not warming up, then you need to ride harder. 🙂

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