I weighed in this morning at 205.2 lbs.  I’ve now lost more than 91 lbs.  That’s not just water loss from riding yesterday, as I drank about half a gallon of water last night.

I didn’t ride today though.  I woke up late, and my legs feel like jello.  I really pushed myself on yesterday’s ride trying to get faster.

I’ve found that I can pedal the “correct” way with the clipless pedals, and get an amazing amount of power going, but only for a minute or so.  If I do that too many times (like yesterday) I’m sore for a while.

I guess it’s going to take a lot more work to get faster.

3 thoughts on “Wow”

  1. “Pedaling correctly” with clipless pedals is something few can do as well as they think they can. For some time, I worked at pedaling a bit faster than I was comfortable pedaling for a minute or so every ten minutes, then shift so that I’m pedaling as fast as I’m comfortable pedaling for a while. Given terrain variations, it’s not as boring as you might think.

    Over time, my cadence got up to where it usually is now–at least when I’m on the Bacchetta. When I’m on the Ryan, I’m not able to pedal as fast. Same on the Raleigh. My pedal stroke is not terribly smooth on any of my three bikes, but I’m able to spin faster on the Bacchetta.

    I have a cadence readout on that bike, and have “just for fun” spun up to see how high I can get the reading to go. Maximum has been 175 or 180 for long enough for it to register. I haven’t tried to see how fast I can sustain for ten seconds. On that bike, I try to keep my cadence within five or ten RPM of ninety-five.

    On the other bikes, I don’t focus on performance as much. I don’t worry so much about cadence as a result. I do still try to spin most of the time, though. My legs are happier that way.

  2. Congrats on the weight. The cardio doc says I have to get in gear, so I’m going to read back through your blog to look for hints and tips.

    And as for speed, as Eddy Merckx says, “Ride Lots.”

  3. Tom,

    You’re right, I may not be pedalling correctly. I can however get a large amount of power, for a very short time. 🙂 I really need to work on it. I don’t know my cadence, and my computers don’t have the sensor for it.


    Thanks! Biggest things you’ll find in my blog are eat smaller portions of the things you like, and don’t give up when you screw up.

    I think my success in this required the occasional screw up. 🙂

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