Off to a Good Start

For me, the hardest part of riding to work is just getting out the door.  I had to do it twice today.

I convined myself to ride, and got about 1/4 of a mile away, and realized I wasn’t wearing my helmet.  I went back and got it.  I considered driving at that point.  I was on my way again.

About 5 miles into the ride I realized I forgot my reflective vest.  Oh well, I can go without it for one day.

It was also  a bit colder than I had planned for.  I was only wearing one pair of socks and my cycling shoes, so I had froez toez by the time I arrived at work.  🙂

Overall it was a good ride, traffic was light and polite.  I watched the sun come up as the half-moon was above in the beautiful clear sky above.

3 thoughts on “Off to a Good Start”

  1. Beats my morning commute by a good bit, David! I needed to drive today, in order to make it to class tonight. My truck has developed a cooling system leak over the last week or so, and it is getting worse each time I drive it, so I wound up driving Jenn’s car to work today.

    Hopefully I can ride to work tomorrow, but if not then it won’t be until next week, as I’ll need to maximize home time to effect repairs to the truck.

  2. Tom,

    Yep, it was a good ride. The return trip was decent too. I’m going to push myself to ride the full way again tomorrow, but my legs will need extra encouragement. They’re a bit sore. I also think I’m gonna put the POPs back on (Plain Old Pedals) so I can wear my boots.

  3. Dave, Dont feel bad, I had one of those mornings also, I started my vehicle to warm up for work and shortly after locked the house and just before pulling out realized that I had my inside slippers on and not my work boots.

    Take care!

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