Short Ride, and Clothes That Fit!

I really wanted to do a lot of riding this weekend.  It didn’t happen.  I went on one 13.8 mile ride today, and that’s it.  I just didn’t have the energy.  It’s a bit colder than I really wanted to ride in, but not so cold as to make it miserable.  I tried some sprinting uphill runs for practice, but my clipless pedals weren’t adjusted properly, and the cleats kept pulling out.  I guess I need to adjust that.

I have my new clothes that actually fit now.  I took a picture of myself, and if you look closely, you’ll notice that I still need a smaller belt.  🙂

I’ve gone through another transformation recently.  My previous transformation was just the realization that I wasn’t going to be fat forever.  That I would reach my goal weight.

This new transformation is me realizing that I’m not a “fat guy” anymore.  I don’t feel fat anymore.  I still have a few pounds to lose, but I’m nearly at my goal.

5 thoughts on “Short Ride, and Clothes That Fit!”

  1. WOW David you look absolutely awesome. I am proud of you. I wish I had the kind of will power you do. You look fantastic. FANTASTIC!!!!

  2. You’re looking pretty good, man. You’re right, you’re not fat any more. As a matter of fact you look like the picture of health; seriously, any more weight loss would be purely cosmetic. Maybe it’s time to start posting over at 😉

  3. Thanks Travis!

    I’m still technically overweight, and therefore more prone to the long-term effects. I think if I get down to 175 lbs then I’ll be “fit”. Especially if I lose the gut. I still need more muscle tone in the upper body. I’m working on it.

    I’m not losing weight for cosmetic reasons. I don’t much care about that. I want to live a long, healthy life rather than suffer with health problems for the last decades of my life.

    As far as, It might be a bit over the top to actually post there. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the domain, if anything.

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