New Pants

I kept putting off buying new jeans.  I wanted to wait until I knew I could wear a size 38 comfortably.  I didn’t want to go with “relaxed fit” either.

I guess I waited too long.  I tried on a few sizes, and a size 36 fit perfectly.  I bought three pair on sale, and will get ride of the larger ones I have.

I’ve heard that the last few pounds are the hardest to lose.  I feel like I’m in that home-stretch.  I only have 33 more to lose.  However, the weather is getting nicer, I’ll be on my bike much more, and I really do see hitting my goal weight of 175 by late August.

3 thoughts on “New Pants”

  1. I just had the thought that in a year or so you’re going to have to buy a new bike to hold the new light weight. In that, I mean that the ‘bent is great and serves a great purposes, but we know it’s quite heavy. The hybrid is also great, especially with the changes you’ve made. But don’t you think a nice road bike beckons, one that can skate along with all this non-poundage? Fun to consider.

  2. Remember the N+1 rule? I’ll always want another bike.

    I’ve told you I want a LHT. I was looking longingly at a Bacchetta Corsa yesterday. Hell, I’ll probably get a fixie at some point too. I’ll probably end up with a skinny-tired road bike (hopefully steel frame) for those types of rides also. The real question is which one is next? 🙂

    My budget isn’t going to permit a new bike anytime soon though. That’s just the way it is. I keep checking Craigslist, but I never see anything worth it.

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