One Full Commute for the Week

I rode Oria to work and back today.  The ride into work was in “training” mode.  I pushed harder to go fast.  I don’t normally like to ride that way, but I have several longer rides I want to do this year, and I need to get my average speed up before I do them.

When I got to the Second Street Bridge (nearly done with the ride to work), my average speed was 15.0 mph.  It went down from there as traffic was backed up across the bridge.  The ride home was slower, at about 13.4 mph.

This was the only the day this week that I rode the entire commute.  I need to ride more often, not just for my fitness, but to save money on gas and parking.

I’m probably going to drive to Bluegrass Bicycle tomorrow morning, and check them out.  I’ve never been there.  It’s a bit far for a ride however.

Yesterday I met up with Dennis Sheridan at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub.  We have worked together in the past, and I figured it was time to hang out a little with him.  I didn’t ride yesterday, and he’s not really a cyclist, but he decided to surprise me by showing up on a bike.  It was amusing.

I ate too much, and drank too much beer, so my calorie count for the day was off the chart.  I had a good time, but the corned beef and cabbage and beer made for some weird smells today.  🙂

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  1. Ha! The title of your February 12 post should have been the title for this post instead! Glad you had a good time out with your friend — we all need to do this once in a while.

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