Weekend Ride #2

I stated in a comment earlier that I was having trouble dragging myself out of the house.  I was, but finally did, and went on another 18-mile ride.

I took a different route this time.  The wind was much lighter than yesterday, but the hills kicked my butt.


There were a lot of dogs running free.  Only one of them looked like he would bite, and he chased me for about 100 feet at 20 MPH.  He apparently tired of the chase after that.

There were a couple of nice downhill runs, one of which I hit 40 MPH.  There were uphill sections that I slogged up at 6 MPH.

As I got back into town, I ran into the one stupid driver of the day.  A middle-aged woman in a minivan had to go around me in a 30 MPH zone, as I was coming up to a stop sign at 20 MPH.  She realized while going around that she didn’t have room to cut in front of me, so she blew the sign.  If she would have waited behind me, it would have made about a 2 second difference.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Ride #2”

  1. Yeah, another stupid motorist. They cannot recognize that we are going fifteen or twenty miles an hour–they think we are stationary objects. I had a guy pull a right hook on me on my way to work Friday morning, at the gas company office on North Clark Boulevard just south of Highway 131. Morons, the lot of them.

  2. Loved the pictures, David. I’m glad you guys are finally starting to thaw out. We had a great week for commuting last week, at least the latter half of the week. I commuted every day, and Thursday and Friday I was rewarded with lows in the 40s and 50s, and highs in the 70s. Pretty sweet. Saturday was nice, but I needed the day off of the bike. Today I had to catch a plane.
    I have ridden some, a little east of you. My uncle lives north of Morehead, and on a trip to see him a few years ago, I brought my bike and went riding. Very steep hills.
    I had an encounter with a jerk on Thursday. He passed me blowing his horn and flipping me off. The only impatient driver all week.

  3. I rode quite a few miles on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All the motorists I encountered on those days were fine, except the one. That’s actually a really good percentage.

    I had intended to ride to work today, but I’m home sick. I felt it coming on last night, but figured I’d be better in the morning. It was worse this morning, so I took my first sick day at the new job.

    I’m also slightly cut-off from the world today. My email provider is having routing issues, and I can’t access my email at all. Bummer.

    I’ve never been to Morehead KY. I just looked it up, it’s about 150 miles from my house, and appears to be surrounded by some killer hills. Most of my rides don’t hit hills anything like that. Although my ride to Salem IN and back came close.

    If you make another trip out to Morehead, give me a shout, maybe we could meet up for a ride.

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