I’m No Longer Obese!

When I became aware that I was obese rather than “just a little heavy”, it was a bit of a blow to my self-image.  It took me a couple of years to come to terms with it, and was part of the reason for my lifestyle changes.

Obesity is defined as having a BMI of greater than 30.  Mine was over 40 when I started this.  I was “extremely obese” according to the linked chart.

My last two weekly average weights bring my weight down into the simply “overweight” category, meaning my BMI is just below 30.  When I reach my goal weight of 175 lbs, I will be in the upper end of the “normal” category.

I realize that BMI is not something that can be relied upon.  Everyone’s body is different.  Someone with enough muscle mass could be considered obese based up weight and height.  BMI is more of a statistical tool.

The recent changes in my body are striking.  I can see the veins popping up in my arms when I work out now.  They were buried in fat for years.  My legs are much more muscular, yet thinner at the same time.  Some would say I have chicken legs.  🙂

My gut is still the biggest problem, but it is substantially smaller than it was a year ago.

At the rate I’ve been going, I will be very close to my goal weight for The Ride to Conquer Cancer in September.

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